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Just because the coronavirus is still everywhere, we don’t have to give up on the big game. After all, the stands on Sunday will be full of cutouts AND healthcare workers being flown out in reward for their hard work and dedication. So we know we can adapt, and here are some ways we can do it at home.

1) keep it small

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to throw the kinds of parties we’re used to this year. But that’s okay! We can celebrate with our households or the people in our “bubble.” By keeping your viewing party small and sticking to the circles you’ve stuck to so far, you can help prevent any unnecessary spread.

2) have a playbook

Things come up! So before Sunday comes around, draw up a quick playbook so that you know what to do if the unexpected happens. Run out of Topo Chico? One of your recipes didn’t turn out? One of your recipes turned out so well thee neighbors are at the door demanding to be let in? Have a plan, and you can handle anything.

3) clean. clean. clean.

Before, during, and after. Keep your place clean, disinfect surfaces, and practice good hygiene this weekend. This one should be second nature to us all by now.

4) celebrate the win

ENJOY THIS WEEKEND. If you’ve been cooped up by yourself in isolation or not, take this weekend to reflect on a few things, like the perseverance of the human spirit (look at all we’ve accomplished despite this awful disease!), or how ingenuity and innovation were able to bring us the game during a pandemic where almost everything else is shut down. Celebrate this win because it most definitely is one.


Quarantine Cooking - Cheeseburger Egg Rolls

My spin on one of my fav air fried recipes—cheeseburger egg rolls! These really quickly became one of the most popular recipes I put out during the quarantine, and if you haven’t tried them yet, you’ll understand why once you cook these up on Sunday. We keep it lean with turkey, and you’re going to love how the chopped pickles kick up the flavor profile.

Moon Cheese Air Fried Popcorn Chicken

Look, everyone loves popcorn chicken. But how do we put a healthy spin on this fan-favorite? We use Moon Cheese! Moon Cheese is a dope snack that’s 100% cheddar cheese and NO added junk, so we use it as the breading for our chicken. The result is cheese-covered chicken with a delicious crunch that you’ll savor with every bite.

Vegan Air-Fried Oysters

My ultimate chicken wing replacement! This is another recipe that took off really quickly in 2020, and it only takes 25 minutes to put together from start to finish. We use oyster mushrooms. It doesn’t look like chicken or taste like chicken, BUT it’s really dang good. Give these a go this weekend, and you won’t regret it.

Super Bowl Vegan Queso Nachos

It just ain’t the game without nachos. So let’s put a healthy spin on things. In this recipe, we keep things 100% vegan (yes, even with the queso) to push it into a more health-conscious direction. It’s up to you if you want to use it strictly as a dip (feel free to reach for some of your favorite veggies) or to drizzle it over the nachos themselves. But I say: why not both!?

Potato Chip Crab Cakes

And lastly, we gotta talk about those bags of chips you’ve been thinking about grabbing for Sunday. Instead, why not kick things up a little bit and elevate your snack game with these delicious and EASY no-fuss potato chip crab cakes. You’ll still need chips, but instead of mindlessly hitting the bottom of the bag, you’ll need just one cup. Heads up: Imitation crab meat probably isn’t going to work out well for this recipe, so you might need to splurge a bit. I promise it’s worth it, though!

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