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If you’ve been looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your favorite vegan items, Vejii will be your new most-used bookmark for online shopping! From plant-based groceries, vitamins, shampoos and conditioners, soaps, and even products for your little one and four-legged friend, Vejii has it all! Their website offers thousands of high quality vegan products all at exceptional pricing. Not only do they price match, but they also offer daily and weekly deals that I’ve seen cut prices in half sometimes. On top of that, they also have a rewards program that will give you cash back as well as free shipping on purchases over $75. If you’re ever in need of something more urgent, they even have a platform called Vejii Express where those select products are shipped out within 1-2 business days. How convenient is that?

Their website is easy to navigate and seamless to shop on. You can shop by category (Grocery, Protein & Sports Nutrition, Personal & Home Care, Vitamin & Supplements, Baby & Kids, Wine), by brand (Beyond Meat, Gardein, and Miyokos to countless smaller brands), or by simply searching up the product you’re looking for! They also have a cool list feature where you can create your own custom section of your favorite products to save you time on your next visit. In the grocery section, they offer a Meal Kit Bundle option where you can customize and have your favorite items grouped together along with a 5% discount for buying in bulk. Just more ways to save money and time!

Vejii has done all of the work for us by putting together a hub of 100% vegan items right at our fingertips. Have you ever spent countless hours doing research on something as simple as body lotion or protein powders to make sure it’s vegan and good quality? I know I have! Vejii has saved me so much time and has also allowed me to explore products that are not yet offered at my local grocery stores. I recently got to try several different plant-based meat options, some of which I haven’t tried before and some that I’ve purchased for much higher prices in the past. Vejii is also a great option during the holidays when most plant-based speciality items like vegan roasts are more likely to be sold out in stores. It’s just an all-around go-to store for the books!

With their incredible amount of vegan company partnerships and products all in one place, being vegan has never been easier and more convenient! For those who don’t have time for in-person shopping, who live in a food desert, have transportation difficulties, simply just want the convenience of shopping for vegan products without having to google “is ____ vegan”, or zoom in on the ingredients list of items over and over again while online shopping, Vejii may just be your new best friend!

Vejii’s product selection, stellar customer service, and excellent prices are outstanding but what makes Vejii so special is their next level approach on accessibility – making it so that more people can adopt a vegan lifestyle to improve their health while taking better care of the planet. Go ahead and bookmark their website because once you shop at Vejii, you won’t look back!

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